Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photos of Touch Therapy in palliative home care in Kerala, courtesy of Brent Foster

Reiki/Craniosacral Therapy with Cancer Patient, Photo courtesy of Brent Foster

Reiki/Craniosacral therapy with Cancer patient, photo courtesy of Brent Foster

Craniosacral/Reiki Therapies with Breast Cancer Patient, Photo courtesy of Brent Foster

Cami with Nurses, Photo courtesy of Brent Foster

Cami in Home care van with Nurses, Photo courtesy of Brent Foster

Driving with Krishna

This is how we would start our morning drive to home care in Kerala....the God he is praying to is Krishna

Tibetan Elder Home Video

Watch a video of the Tibetan Elder home, and a patient receiving some rehab touch therapy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tibetan Old Age Home- pictures of an era of escape

I was so moved by all these people you see below. Each one is displaced from their homeland of Tibet and had to escape to India for a chance at a better life or life at all. Yet they all seemed to be so happy, despite the torture and trauma they underwent. I just kept thinking, wow, 100% of them have had the trauma of having to escape their motherland that is an incredibly high number- that means every single old person I encountered! Yet again-- they seemed to have such a joy and love about them. A friend said to me they have a way at capturing your heart by looking at you with the same love as your favorite grandparent. She is right. I completely fell in love with all of them and wanted to help them in whatever way I could. I tried to teach as many of the helpers touch therapy and did it with as many of the residents as possible-- but I know I will be back.

If you look closely you can tell that her shoes are on the wrong feet. When we told her-- she looked at us like we were nuts :)

I think she was one of the happiest people I have ever met. Isn't she beautiful?

This woman had a string of purple hair-- you can see it on the right side of her face

Sonam and Phuntsok- the beautiful Tibetan woman caring for all the elderly. I taught them reiki and craniosacral to do with the elderly. They really appreciated it.

This Tibetan nun had tears in her eyes after telling us her stories of torture in Tibet, very sad.

Meal time- Sonam giving stew out to the elderly. They loved her.

How cute is she? I told her that her hat is an American flag. I think she thought I was nuts.

The younger man on the right is selling fried meat pastries. He cries out all the way up the road for the residents to hear, and they all come running out of their rooms to buy them. You can see them enjoying them below- very cute.

The blind gentleman is enjoying his meat pastry very much-- he told the pastry seller that he could tell they were made VERY well.

This older woman is also enjoying her meat pastry. "Good" she said to me. haha

Hanging out after lunchtime

One building of the old folks home -- there are 150 beds in total in the whole of the complex

Old Folks home, one of a few buildings

Old Folks Home- one of a few buildings

Dharamsala at its Best

This Tibetan man really really cared for this blind dog, it really moved me

This Dog was blind, but it was so well loved and feed it didn't seem to mind

PLEASE LOOK AT THE RIGHT HAND SIDE of this modern Tibetan Woman's apartment--- A poster of Janet Jackson very near to a picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama... Modern Tibetan Culture is really really funny.

Cows and Monks

Cami and Tsomo

Tibetan Lady Walking...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Documentary filmed while I was on site at Palliative Care Clinic (Pallium India) Click Link below

Click this link to watch the short documentary:

This documentary was filmed while I was working at this clinic and the majority of the home care patients portrayed in the video received touch therapy in addition to medication. Dr. Raj is the Amazing doctor that I work with in Kerala-- and is responsible for championing palliative care in India. The website of their organization is pallium india at:

Tibetan Children's School- TCV

You can see the Tibetan Children's Villages (TCV) - children leave Tibet ( alone - without their parent, sometimes with a guide sometimes just with other children ) and travel by foot to India. When they arrive to INdia they receive an audience with the Dalai Lama, and a sound education and upbringing from these schools, as they usually have no immediate family and no parents. At this above Village it is said to have over 4,000 children. It is a beautiful. Below are some of the goals they have listed on their website:


  • Provide parental care and love
  • Develop a sound understanding of Tibetan identity and culture
  • Develop character and moral values
  • Provide effective modern and Tibetan education
  • Provide child -centered learning atmosphere in the schools
  • Provide environment for physical and intellectual growth
  • Provide suitable and effective life and career guidance for social and citizenship skills

Magical Walk down from TCV to the center of town

The view from TCV

School building at TCV

TCV and you can see the view in the distance-- very peaceful

This was an event they hold every year where they do dances and performances for the community